Introducing Our Pet Wellness Packages!
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Clarkson Veterinary Hospital is proud to take part of the Friends of Animals Spay and Neuter Program. That means, if you purchase a discounted certificate from Friends of Animals, it can be used for your pet's spay or neuter here! *

spay and neuterWe joined this program to make spaying and neutering more affordable. There are many benefits to the procedure for your pet and the community. For example, spaying and neutering reduces the risk of breast cancer, testicular cancer, uterine disease and behavioral problems. Learn more here.


To qualify for the Friends of Animals program at Clarkson Veterinary Hospital, pets must be:

  • At least 5 months old
  • Up to date on rabies and distemper vaccines with verifiable paperwork if not done at Clarkson Veterinary Hospital
  • Examined by Clarkson Veterinary Hospital staff with pre-surgical bloodwork done within a month of procedure (or with verifiable paperwork if done elsewhere)

In addition, all animals must go home with pain medication the day of the surgery and be seen back at our hospital 10-14 days for a follow-up.

Dog cat graphicWe take great pride in keeping our patients healthy and detecting diseases early, when they are more treatable. Your furry family members deserve the best preventative care and medicine available.

Our wellness packages are specially formulated to give your dog or cat the best care possible for their stage of life.

kitten puppyAt Clarkson Veterinary Hospital, the health and wellbeing of animals is our biggest priority. In an effort to help make a difference locally, we have partnered with Rochester Hope for Pets.

Rochester Hope for Pets is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization funded by the generosity of private donors. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for animals living in the greater Rochester, NY area, by providing cost-share awards to pet owners suffering financial hardships when their pet is in need of veterinary care.

We are proud to work with such dedicated people, and are confident that together we can help improve the lives of many pets in our area!